Fifth regional workshop - Civic organizations as equal partners in monitoring of public finances

The team of Analitika attended the fifth regional workshop within the Project - Civic organizations as equal partners in monitoring of public finances, which was held from April 16-20, 2018 in Skopje.

The working meeting defined the rules and deadlines for NGO grants, events to promote regional analyzes, laying the foundations for building a strategy for establishing a formal network for monitoring public finances, and specifying the most effective ways of advocacy and campaigning. At the same time, a training on fair taxation was held by Ondrej Kopecni from GLOPOLIS - Czech Republic.

At the same time, the entire project team participated in the regional conference "Public infrastructure in Southeast Europe - in whose interest?", organized within the project.

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Public infrastructure in southeast Europe - in whose interest?

On April 17, 2018, the first regional conference was held, within the Project Civil Society Organizations as equal partners in monitoring public finances. At the conference, the study on infrastructure projects (in the field of transport and energy) in the countries of the region was presented, and it analyzes the degree of citizens involvement in the decision-making process for financing and commencement of infrastructure projects. This Regional analysis showed that infrastructure projects in Southeast Europe are often characterized by a lack of transparency and the risk of corruption.

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Public Private Partnership: Problems and Opportunities, Republic of Macedonia

Analytica today presented the findings of document: Public Private Partnership: Problems and Opportunities, Republic of Macedonia, prepared within the @CIVIKA Mobilitas project ''Public finances - with focus on Public Private Partnership''.

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Regional Conference: Criminal Liability of Police Officers in the Western Balkans
The regional POINTPULSE network of civil society organizations and Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) organized a conference titled “Criminal Liability of Police Officers in the Western Balkans”. The conference took place on 21 December 2017 in Belgrade.

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The Public Image of the Police: Citizen Service or Something Else?

On 14 September 2017 Analytica organized a presentation of results from the annual public opinion survey “The Citizen’s Opinion of the Police Force”. The aim of the event was to encourage discussion on challenges regarding police integrity in Macedonia.

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Police integrity through de-politicization and professionalization of the Macedonian Police

Analytica on 5 of December 2017 organized a roundtable on police integrity and risks of corruption in the police. The project team presented the initial findings of this year’s assessment of police integrity. Members of academia and civil society contributed with their own presentations on related issues.

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Analytica organized a workshop for exchange of experiences and knowledge in the field of public private partnership in Macedonia

Representatives from the Ministry of Economy, municipalities of Aerodrom, Centar and Chair, as well as experts in the field and NGO representatives participated at the workshop.

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TRAIN – Fostering Policy Dialogue. Closing Seminar TRAIN 2017 & Networking- and Advocacy Seminar

In November 2017, our Research and management coordinator Sonja Risteska took part in this year’s second TRAIN Networking- and Advocacy-Seminar in Brussels, Belgium. The seminar  provided the opportunity to bring our messages to the EU capital, to broaden networks, and to meet the current TRAIN participants.

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