Annual Report 2018


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Public Policy Analysis and Administration

Public Policy Analysis and Administration program produces analysis and reports that enhance policy and administrative capacities by providing effective solutions to policy issues and challenges in the area of public administration reform. Building up on...

EU approximation and Integration advocacy

Integration into EU structures is a transformational source for Macedonia and in the wider context of Southeast Europe as well as it is a major issue that shapes the reform agenda in the Western Balkan countries. The process of EU approximation entails...

Energy and Infrastructure

Macedonia and the wider region of the Western Balkans is expected in coming years to rehabilitate the energy sector in order to improve the electricity supply to homes and businesses. Throughout the region, the energy sector suffers from a history of under-investment...

Foreign and Security Policy

The Foreign and Security Policy program encompasses the activities of Analytica which deal with contemporary security issues from a traditional and non-traditional standpoint and looks into the issue of governance as an emerging phenomenon in the relationship between governing...


Migration is one of the major challenges facing the world in the twenty-first century. This phenomenon plays a key role in the natural movement of the population and is gaining impetus in the country and the region. International migration is a growing phenomenon which could make a positive...

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